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Scenariio is a leading specialist in providing smart technology that will transform the performance of your buildings.


We use end-to-end building technology solutions to help businesses become smart, secure and sustainable, focusing on connecting people with their environment.

Scenariio is a leading specialist in high quality IT infrastructure and smart building technology built on over 30 years’ experience. Providing end-to-end smart building solutions for businesses of all sizes across the UK, Scenariio improves building performance, reduces costs and transforms efficiency. From IT and building management systems, data cabling, wireless solutions and intelligent lighting, to security, AV and data sensors, Scenariio revolutionises the way people connect to and interact with their buildings.

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    Marketing Derby Bondholder ChampionshipVirtual Formula Esports Series13/32 Teams Registered
    Start date:2022-03-01 16:00
    Tournament typeKnockout
    PrizeFree Work Event @ Pulse Gaming Lounge, Free Booking Up to 4 People for 2 Hours
    Game formatBest of 3
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